About me

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My name is Léonie, I am a French mobile masseuse.

I have been an esthetician by training since 2013.

I discovered the art of touch during a 8 months trip to New Zealand, 5 years ago.

When I came back in France I learned different massages from around the world.

Well-being qualified & certified masseuse, my experience allowed me to develop a sense of touch that adapts to each human body.

I invite you to discover my holistic massages for yourself, whether in the comfort of your home, your hotel or even in the open air if the sky is blue.

You can also book your special moment in a Yurt. (booking 48 hours in advance)



“The one who works with his hands is a worker, the one who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, the one who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.” - Saint Francis of Assise

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Legal mention

The techniques practiced have no therapeutic or medical aim and cannot be assimilated to acts reserved for the health professions regulated by the public health code (ordinance n ° 2008-507 of May 30, 2008 amending article L4321-8 of the code of public health) nor to those of osteopaths.

In accordance with these laws, I would therefore like to point out that I hold French state aesthetic diplomas.

- Cap

- Professional Bachelor

- Professional qualification certificate in Well-being

The treatments are aimed at well-being, helping to relax & calm down.

Under no circumstances will it be accepted to practice massages with an erotic or sexual connotation, nor therapeutic massages reserved for physiotherapists & osteopaths.

When making an appointment, it is essential to notify me of any health problems that could represent a contraindication relating to aesthetic care.